On this website the visitor will find a short history of Dr Rife, an explanation of Resonance Therapy and a list of accredited Resonance therapists in Southern Africa.

Introduction to SARTA:

The South African Resonance Therapy Association (SARTA) is an independent legal entity, registered with the Registrar of Companies with the mandate to promote Rife/Resonance therapy in Southern Africa. This entails training of members and the enforcement of a strict code of conduct. SARTA also acts as a spokes body and represents its members in negotiations with relevant authorities regarding matters on resonance therapy.

There are two (2) kinds of memberships available:
1. The Enthusiast

For the owner of a Rife device which would like to attend seminars, etc to extend his/her knowledge on Rife therapy. Ideally suited for the person who wants to share with other users information etc, especially where a terminal disease is being treated.

Benefits of SARTA membership:
- Reduced prices of training courses, seminars and workshops
- Certificates of membership and courses completed
- Invitation to attend annual Rife Congres
- Interaction with other enthusiasts and Rife practitioners.
- Monthly newsletter

Membership fee: R120 per annum

2. The Therapist/Practitioner
For the full time or part-time practitioner or for those who practice Rife therapy as an added service to a current medical or health practice.

Benefits of SARTA membership
- Be represented by a registered organisation
- Reduced prices of training courses, seminars and workshops
- Certificates of membership and courses completed
- Adhering to a cohesive Code of Conduct for the industry
- Promotion on SARTA’s website
- Annual Rife Congres
- Presentation at the International Rife Congress in the USA
- Interaction with other enthusiasts and Rife practitioners.
- Monthly newsletter.
- Legal advice

Membership fee: R320 per annum

Resonance Therapy or Rife Therapy as it is also known, refers to the holistic approach of natural healing through the combination of resonance waves, detoxification, de-stressing and a healthy diet.

The propagator of Resonance Therapy was Dr Royal Raymond Rife, a cancer researcher who discovered that resonance waves can actually destroy cancer, viruses and harmful bacteria. The history of Dr Rife and his discoveries are explained in the medical non fiction bestseller, "The Cancer Cure that Worked", by Barry Lynes, a medical journalist.

Although a few medical practitioners started to experiment from 1997 with resonance wave generators (Also called Rife resonators) in South Africa, it was only from 1999 when a few health practioners started to embrace Rife therapy as a primary healing method to treat cancer, ME, diabetes, Aids, sinusitis and other chronic diseases. Some of these health practioners came together in April 2000 to establish an organisation to promote and establish Resonance Therapy as a credible natural healing method.

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