Resonance Therapy Association (SARTA)
Registered with the DTI as a non profit organisation. No: 2019/602345/08

Our Mission

Our members adhere to a strict Ethics Code

As a Resonance Therapy Practitioner, I am governed by the
appropriate statutory legislation and regulations; In addition to this,
and in the conduct of my business, I commit to the following
1. I always maintain the highest standard of professional conduct
towards my clients and to my fellow Resonance Therapy Practitioners.
2. I am fair and truthful with my clients and will uphold professional
3. I observe, inform and practice within the scope of my accredited
4. I do not medically diagnose, prescribe or treat unless licenced to do
5. I recognise and respect the validity of other methods of treatment
and the ethical priority of referring appropriately;
6. I continuously seek to improve my knowledge and skills, in support
of my client's wellbeing and my own professional competence;
7. I only use resonance scanning for the purpose of identifying
imbalances and appropriate balancing corrections;
8. I undertake to confirm this process with my client, thus ensuring full
client participation and choice throughout the consultation;
9. I recognise that digital health analysis instruments used by the
Resonance Therapy Practitioner, such as the BodySonic and Fscan, are
not tools for predictions, but instruments to give guidance regarding
health conditions
10. I uphold, at all times, the integrity of my fellow Resonance
Therapy Practitioners